Kingsbury Wax Bova, LLC employs a methodology that ensures meaningful client communication and the effective use of all relevant information. During each search, we follow this systematic process:

  While we come to an assignment with extensive knowledge of each industry, it is important to build a thorough understanding of our client's culture and organization. By learning a company's style, competitive strategy, and goals, we are able to identify the most qualified individuals.

  We help our clients develop a position profile to meet their hiring objectives. Beyond the standard criteria, we identify intangible elements that impact the assignment. Using our insight into the candidate market, we assist our clients in ascertaining the kind of executives needed.

  After working with the client to develop the ideal candidate profile, we prepare a detailed draft of position specifications, including reporting relationships, key responsibilities, professional qualifications, personal traits, and compensation. This important step ensures a mutual understanding of the assignment, which optimizes the time required to complete the search.

  We build our initial research list from a variety of sources. These include direct recruiting through our extensive network of contacts developed over many years in the industry. In conjunction with our research department, we gather information on professionals working at targeted competitors. Using client feedback on this intitial research, we further refine our efforts.

  After we personally contact and screen candidates, we interview the most outstanding individuals. Based on these interviews, we develop a comprehensive profile of each candidate. We then review the profiles with our client to make the final and appropriate candidate selections.

  Our contributions in the final stages of the search are critical. After our client has selected the candidate to be hired, we negotiate with that person on behalf of our client. Our involvement covers all areas affecting employment, including compensation, employment contracts, and relocation. Through start date, we stay in communication with the new hire, ensuring a satisfactory transition.

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