In the financial services industry, there are only a few exceptional individuals with the intellectual capacity to invent new financing structures or investment concepts that transcend traditional solutions. There are industry experts who can resolve significant obstacles by viewing the problem from a new perspective. And there are visionaries who understand how to turn risk into significant new opportunities. These are the innovators whose skills create exquisite financial results. As transactions become more sophisticated, these professionals are increasingly important to overall success.

Kingsbury Wax Bova, LLC has the ability to pinpoint the most desirable candidates in the financial services arena. After nearly 25 years in this very specialized field, we know how to assess candidates' capabilities and accurately project their potential value to our client. Our well-developed global network of industry contacts and our thorough research allow us to select candidates for the most complex and challenging positions. In addition to locating candidates with specialized transaction expertise, we conduct searches for experienced professionals across all functions in the financial services industry.

Our specialized practices within Financial Services include:

  • Middle Market Structured Finance
  • Leverage Capital
  • Leasing
  • Capital Market
  • Assets Finance
  • Private Banking
  • Credit Products

Feel free to review our completed searches in this area.

Contact: Bob Wax (617) 868-6166 (ext.110) or Tom Guida (212) 808-7222

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